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May 03, 23

YELLOW DOGā€™S 2014 BOLIVIA HOSTED TRIP REPORT (September 28 - October 6, 2014)

Yellow Dogā€™s John Hudgens recently returned home from hosting six anglers to Boliviaā€™s Tsimane Lodge! Dorado fishing in Bolivia has been an annual hosted trip for Yellow Dog over the past years, and we can tell you itā€™s one of the most exotic freshwater adventures out there! This past September, Larry and Elaine Taylor, Tim Robison, Michael Lewis, Tom Kersbergen (professional guide and YD staff), and Bryan Gregson (professional photographer and YD staff) fished Tsimane Lodgeā€™s Asunta and Pluma destinations and had an incredible trip!

Asunta Lodge was the first fishing destination, spending four nights and three and half days fishing the Secure River and some its tributaries. The first and second day proved to be the most successful fishing days at Asunta as the group hooked several Pacu, and landed numerous Dorado in the 8 ā€“ 20 lb class and had good water conditions.

Elaine Taylor, the only women on the trip landed the largest Dorado each day, which was no big surprise. By the third and fourth day the river took a turn for the worst due to rainstorms upstream, producing rising off-colored water. From there things got a little tougher, though some of the anglers were able to slid into smaller tributary streams that were running crystal clear, and found plenty of spooky and selective fish in the small jungle rivers.

Departing the Asunta Lodge by plane, the group took a short flight over to Tsimaneā€™s Pluma Lodge for an additional 4 days of fishing. The water at Pluma was dirty upon our arrival, though clearing every day and very fishable. The slightly off-colored water conditions seemed to help the bite, as fish were much less spooky and were hunting aggressively.

The group witnessed countless blitzes of huge Dorado ambushing baitfish in the shallows, absolutely magical and memorable moments. Fishing couldnā€™t have been better, and each night the group came together over cocktails sharing stories of their big fish, lost fish, heroic guide stories, broken rods, with incredible excitement.

The guides at Asunta and Pluma were all top-notch and did great job working with our anglers, finding fish, and pushing us to fish hard. When fishing at Tsimane anglers are accompanied by an English speaking fishing guide (typically Argentine guides), 2 native guides, and they use a large dugout canoe that is controlled by a combination of push poles and a small outboard motor.

In some areas anglers will fish from the boat, but most runs and locations are approached by foot. The native guides do not speak English, though they see fish better than anyone and are always pointing out shots and water to cover, and are real treat to fish with. In the end, our group landed countless numbers of Dorado over 20 lbs. with a few pushing the 30 lb. mark!

We hooked and lost pacu, and Larry Taylor landed a huge catfish (rare catch on a fly). We drank hard, fished hard, and laughed hard. It could not have gotten any better!

Yellow Dog hosts a trip each year to Tsimane Lodge, and we would love to have you join us on our next Bolivian adventure in September of 2015. Please contact John Hudgens or Ian Davis of Yellow Dog for details on the Hosted Trip weeks, and other available dates!

TsimaneĀ Secure Lodge