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Mahseer Expedition River Trips

Expedition-Style Tents and Boutique Hotels
March 1 - April 30 / September 15 - November 15
Golden and Chocolate Mahseer, Brown Trout, Snow Trout
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Adventurous Anglers
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Yellow Dog is proud to partner with Bhutan’s most experienced and longest-operating fly fishing outfitter – an entity first launched in 2007. This is an operation that has thoroughly explored numerous rivers and streams throughout the kingdom in search of the finest fishing opportunities found in the Himalayas. The end result is an impressive menu of angling options, in a magical and ancient setting that few anglers have ever experienced. We will say that while an expedition fishing trip to Bhutan may not be suitable for every angler, if you are someone who loves exotic destinations, pure cultural immersion, and the chance to fish untouched waters for a new and totally unique species, then a trip to the Kingdom may be the perfect fit. In addition to the popular ten-day river excursion package, our outfitter also offers fully personalized trips with customized lodgings, destinations, target fish species, cultural visits, and various lengths of stay.
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Lodging Details

Our Bhutan outfitter includes lodgings and amenities that are among the finest in the kingdom, and we can fully customize your trip itinerary and experience in any way you imagine. On the front and back end of each river expedition, you will stay in boutique hotels in Paro and Thimphu, and a night or two in Punakha can also be added on request. The hotels are always clean and comfortable, and anglers can expect single room accommodations for all nights. If you want to upgrade to five-star, boutique hotels, this is also an option, and Yellow Dog is happy to provide a quote. 

During your nights on the river, you will sleep in your own expedition-style double tent, which is set up each evening by the camp crew. Your bags and gear will be waiting for you when you arrive in camp after your day of fishing, the dining tent will be set up, and a riverside bonfire will be built and ready for the evening. Most of the nightly campsites are situated at tributaries or along productive fishing runs, allowing for evening and early-morning home-water fishing sessions. It is worth mentioning that these multi-day river trips are best suited for those who appreciate wild places and are comfortable camping and sleeping in tents.

Food and Beverages

Bhutanese cuisine is delicious, and if you enjoy flavorful and spicy food, you will be in heaven with every meal! During your hotel stays on the front and back end of river trips, you will usually enjoy a full morning breakfast at the hotel, with lunches and dinner at area restaurants. During your full days on the river, the camp crew will deliver delicious meals that consist primarily of Bhutanese cuisine. Breakfasts include eggs, breakfast meats, fruits, various side dishes, coffee and tea. Rice, meat dishes, spicy vegetable dishes, fruits, and Druk beer are regular lunch and dinner staples.

Typical Length of Stay

While our Bhutan outfitter can accommodate everything from singe day trips to extended float and camping itineraries, the most common packages are the 10-Day Mahseer Expedition and the 10-Day Trout and Cultural Tour. Note that if you are already in the Kingdom for general travel or with another non-angling tour package, we can easily assist with shorter fishing itineraries or single-day trips.

Ten-Day Mahseer Trip
This package begins with your international arrival into Paro, with the first two days spent in Paro, Thimphu, and Punakha visiting some of the amazing cultural sites in the Kingdom (including the Tigress’s Nest monastery, the Punakha Dzong, and the Temple to the Fifth King). Day three through eight of this package consist of a six-day, five-night float trip down one of the world’s most beautiful mahseer rivers with a return to the capital city of Thimphu on the evening of day eight. Day nine is spent exploring markets and cultural sites in the Kingdom’s largest city (approx. 100,000 people) in preparation for a morning departure on day ten. These ten-day mahseer expeditions are the most popular for fishing-focused trips.

Customizable Trout and Cultural Itinerary
This itinerary begins with arrival in Paro and an overnight stay before departing for Bumthang by domestic air charter on day two. You can select any number of days to fish and explore the many rivers, streams and cultural attractions of central and western Bhutan before arriving back in Thimphu at the end of your trip. Your final day can be spent exploring markets and cultural sites in the Kingdom’s largest city in preparation for your final departure. These trips are fully customized and can incorporate any number of days. Contact Yellow Dog for more details.

Non-Angling Activities & Options
Whether you are visiting the Kingdom to find inner peace amidst majestic mountains and serene rivers, or you’ve come to learn more about the country’s culture and Buddhist philosophies, Bhutan constantly delivers a sense of wonder. Wedged in the high Himalayan region between India and China, Bhutan existed completely undisturbed and largely unvisited for centuries, allowing unique traditions and ways of life to thrive. In fact, it was not until the mid-70s that the Kingdom first began to engage with the “modern world.” Today, arts, crafts, cultural events, and colorful celebrations showcase this remarkable country and the 700,000 Bhutanese people who collectively prioritize happiness above all else. In fact, the country makes “Gross National Happiness” a huge part of daily life – a measure of economic and moral progress that the country of Bhutan first introduced in the 1970s as an alternative to gross domestic product.

To complement the exciting fishing for Golden Mahseer, Chocolate Mahseer, brown trout, and snow trout, the line-ups of non-angling activities in Bhutan are endless. Options include visiting temples, museums and cultural sites in cities such as Paro, Thimphu and Punakha, and throughout the more rural areas of the country. You can trek, hike and experience nature at its wildest, often surrounded by the awe-inspiring peaks of the Himalayas. Archery (the national sport), horseback riding, wildlife viewing, visiting festivals, whitewater rafting, and so much more are all possible, and sightseeing extensions and cultural tours can easily be added on to any fishing package. In addition to being home to large mammals such as the Asian elephant, tiger, red panda, Himalayan black bear, blue sheep and snow leopard, Bhutan also features 783 unique bird species, more than 800 butterfly species, and upwards of 120 indigenous fish species.

Internet / Communications

Communications in Bhutan are quite good in all cities and towns, and all hotels offer strong wi-fi and internet access. There is good cell coverage in and around the cities of Paro, Thimphu and Punakha, although you will want to check with your cellular provider about international plans and roaming fees in Bhutan. Once you are on the river for the week, there is actually hot-spot Wi-Fi that can be accessed at most campsites via Bhutan’s incredible cellular network and eSIM connections. The outfitter will provide eSIM access for all guests, although there will be times when you are out of touch and off the grid while floating and fishing.

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