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Pirarucu Lodge

Floating Cabins
Arapaima, Arowana, Tambaqui & Peacock Bass
Ideal For
Adventurous Anglers
Fly Fishing The Largest Arapaima Reserve On Earth
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Pirarucu Lodge is located in the middle of the largest arapaima reserves in the world. These waters are home to large numbers of arapaima, the largest freshwater species on the planet, but also host healthy numbers of arowana and tambaqui, which are often sight-fished with dry flies! Arapaima can grow to over 400 pounds and closely resemble a freshwater tarpon. When hooked, they explode in aerial displays, take off on long runs and surrender only after lengthy battles. Arapaima are often seen gulping air from the surface, offering sight casting to singles, pairs, or even schools of fish. Anglers will fish from comfortable, modern flat skiffs powered by 60 HP Yamaha outboards. These skiffs fish two anglers simultaneously with two large casting platforms, and the guides use a remote-control trolling motor to position the boat while fishing.
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Lodging Details
Enjoy the simple and comfortable lodge that floats in the same waters you fish during your stay. This beautiful lodge is located in the middle of the largest arapaima reserve in the world and anglers can enjoy the fishery by staying in one of ten floating cabins. All cabins and the main lodge are connected by wooden walkways over the water. Meals are served in the main lodge which consists of lots of fruits as well as local cuisines. After a day of fishing enjoy the sunset with a cold drink on the porch.

Food and Beverages
Breakfasts will consist of fresh fruits, juices, tea, coffee, bread, butter, cheese, ham, eggs, and milk. Lunch and dinners will be served buffet style with Brazilian cuisines such as chicken, rice, beans, pasta, fresh fish, and salads. Wine, beer, and spirits are provided as well. It’s not recommended that people drink tap water in Brazil, so mineral and bottled water are always available.

Typical Length of Stay
A standard package is seven (7) nights / six (6) days fishing. However, options for a shorter stay are also available.

Non-Angling Activities and Options
Pirarucu Lodge is a great option for people seeking non-angling activities. Mamiraua Reserve, where the lodge is located in the largest protected flooded forest on the planet and hosts a variety of wildlife species. In fact, during the non-fishing season, the lodge is used for bird watching and eco-tours. Some of the activities offered by the lodge are boat tours, hiking, bird and dolphin watching, canoe tours, photography journeys, and jaguar expeditions.

Internet / Communications
Guests can use the satellite phone as well as the internet.

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