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Fly Fishing Tabasco

Accommodations at Hotel Mar Mor // Capacity - 6 Anglers
Late September - March 31st
Tarpon, Snook & Jack Crevalle
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Solo Anglers & Friends
Exploring the Tropical Jungles of Mexico for Tarpon
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Fly Fishing Tabasco is a tarpon-focused program based in the southern Mexican state of Tabasco – located between the states of Veracruz and Campeche along the Gulf of Mexico, the state is known for its large rivers, deep lagoons, wetlands, and tropical greenery. The name of the game of the fishing here is numbers and anglers can expect to hook up to dozens of small tarpon when the conditions are right. The Tabasco Fly Fishing program is a far cry from some of the other polished and established lodges in the Yucatan and we are quick to state that this destination is not for everyone! However, for those who want to experience total immersion in “real” Mexico with an authentic, off-the-grid travel experience while at the same time gaining access to incredible baby tarpon fishing, this is certainly a solid option.
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Lodging Details
The package with Fly Fishing Tabasco is completely hosted and you will have a Tabasco Fly Fishing representative with you at all times with a van to accommodate travel to and from dinner each evening. Accommodations are at the Hotel Mar Mor in Frontera (or Centla). Frontera is a 1-hour drive from Villahermosa.

Frontera offers the full Mexican experience and the Hotel Mar Mor is perfectly located. The hotel is not the Hyatt and is a bit rough around the edges but you are only 10 minutes from the dock where you meet the guides and boats. It is a small town and the hotel sits on the main town square across from the city park with a large Catholic church next door. Every evening the park is alive with music and full of families and kids. Most nights soccer and basketball games are also underway.  This is real Mexico and a true look into the family-oriented culture of Mexico and how community and family are central to life. It is small towns like this that keep the traditions of Mexico alive!

Food and Beverages
If staying in Villahermosa there is a continental breakfast at the hotel and a bar/restaurant for dinners in the hotel. There are also numerous restaurants nearby for excellent dining options.

In Frontera, the Café del Puerto is just across the square from the hotel and there are several other options close by. The café has several different options for breakfast and the dinners are some of the best in town – all food served in authentic Mexican style.

Typical Length of Stay
Most anglers stay four (4) or five (5) nights, but packages of any length can be arranged.

Non-Angling Activities and Options:

The Route of Sacred Cacao
Small cacao farms settle deep in the jungle offer a unique experience for guests. Old ranches dating from colonial times are now home to cacao in its various stages of production. At the farm, Hacienda de la Luz, in Chontalpa, the cacao grain is homegrown and made into handmade chocolates. Boasting some 50 hectares, the farm has at its entrance a beautiful garden where a large variety of tropical plants and fruit trees grow freely. The farm’s guided tour brings you closer to the plantation, its harvest periods, its collection procedures and – the most intriguing part – the chocolate-making process. First, the still-green grains are fermented; these are then washed, toasted and their shell removed. In an old mill, grains are ground into a paste. Finally, the paste is mixed with sugar and cinnamon and set in special molds.

Comalcalco, Entrance of the Mayan World
Comalcalco, or House of Frying Pans in native Nahuatl, is one of the most important ancient cities in Tabasco, and the only Mayan city built with bricks of baked clay instead of stone. This amazing archaeological site is made up of three complexes: The North Square, the Great Acropolis, and the Acropolis of the East. Its impressive Site Museum houses around 300 pieces portraying the development of this ancient city. It is, thankfully, easily reached via Villahermosa, at just 50 kilometers from the city.

The westernmost Mayan ceremonial center discovered to date, Comalcalco is a fascinating yet under-visited site. Comalcalco thrived as an agricultural center specializing in cacao, still an important cash crop in the region. 

The composition of the site’s scattered pyramids and temples is completely unique. Unlike Mayan sites in the Yucatan where limestone was plentiful, the builders of Comalcalco manufactured bricks from clay, sand, and oyster shells. Comacalco is believed to feature the earliest brick buildings in Mesoamerica. Elaborate stucco façades, masks, and multi-colored reliefs decorate the site’s gleaming white pyramids.

Internet / Communications
Wi-Fi is available at both of the hotels and many of the restaurants and there is decent cell phone service in the area. 

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