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Top 5 Fly Fishing Flies For Golden Dorado

May 03, 23

You’ve traveled over 5,000 miles to the jungles of Bolivia all in pursuit of Golden Dorado. Dreams were had of wading crystal clear mountain streams, sight fishing to one of the most carnivorous freshwater fish in the world. Delivering long, accurate presentations to these fish with large baitfish streamers is key to a successful dorado trip. Picking the best flies for golden dorado is fairly simple but can make or break your trip to Bolivia.

Having a well-rounded collection of streamers that cover all levels of the water column along with varying water clarity. Black, white/yellow, and white/chartreuse are some of the most popular color combos for effective golden dorado flies. Topwater poppers are fished in certain situations and it won’t’ hurt to also have a handful of these patterns in your box too.

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When it comes time to choose the correct fly, there are many scenarios that the angler needs to consider. Water clarity and river conditions are the most important. Is the river rising from rain? Or the water might be muddy but at a stable flow? Of course, your guide will have a solid understanding of their home waters, but going into your golden dorado trip with some knowledge of this important information will make your trip that much more enjoyable and easier on your guide.

Here are the best fly patterns for Golden Dorado:

  1. Andino Deceiver
    The classic and traditional dorado fly - this pattern is tied with durable natural and synthetic materials to last toothy mouth after toothy mouth, and is designed to move water and make noise to attract aggressive strikes.
  2. Puglisi Boca Grande
    A light casting, all synthetic baitfish imitation, the Boca Grande needs to be at the top of your fly box when traveling to the jungle.
  3. Titanic Slider
    Ready for heart-stopping topwater eats? The Titanic Slider seems to be irresistible to Golden Dorado and is the hot topwater fly pattern going in the jungle right now!
  4. Pole Dancer
    Another favorite topwater pattern is the Pole Dancer. With a foam injected head, this fly pushes massive amounts of water - bringing golden dorado up from the depths to crush this fly on the surface.
  5. EP Streamers
    Tried and true, EP baitfish patterns are turning into the modern-day clouser. Light to cast, and a large profile make them easy for dorado to target.

Combining these fly placement techniques and the proper fly, you’ll be setting yourself up for success in the jungles of Bolivia.

Yellow Dog works with the finest golden dorado lodges found in South America. From remote lodges deep in the rainforest of Bolivia to more traditional settings like those found in Argentina.

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