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May 03, 23
PACKING LOGISTICS Permit and steelhead addict Wil Flack has been living, guiding and working in Belize for the past 15 years. Wil owns Tres Pescados Fly Shop on Ambergris Caye, and recently opened the Belize Permit Club further to the south in Hopkins. Wil has fished all over the world, including Tahiti and French Polynesia, Costa Rica, Honduras, Mexico, Fiji, Venezuela, the Bahamas, Australia, Hawaii, Japan and throughout the US West and Canada. He was featured in the 2013 Confluence Films project, Waypoints, searching for jungle payara and eating barbecued jungle rat with his friend Oliver White. When you finish up a day of fishing with Wil, he’ll gladly take a gin and tonic – with two olives.

As part of the Yellow Dog Ambassador team, Wil hosts and leads trips, works with Yellow Dog clients, assists with consumer shows and events, and promotes Yellow Dog’s full range of offerings. He also works with the Yellow Dog team in an advisory capacity, helping to develop and explore new destinations, evaluating existing operations and working with the Yellow Dog team to expand our full range of services.


In the 2017 Angling Travel Guide, Wil shared his top tips for successful angling travel:

TIP #1 When traveling to far off destinations, I always pack important items in my carry-on backpack. This includes meds, a spare set of fishing clothes, sunglasses, a hat, snacks, my computer, camera gear, toothbrush, cash, and all important travel documents. If my checked luggage is delayed or doesn’t make it, at least I can survive. If you are headed to the tropics, pack your rain jacket and bug repellant on the top of your checked luggage for quick and easy access upon arrival.

TIP #2 Fishing off the grid usually means destinations with no power or limited electricity. That means that things can get difficult when it comes to charging cameras, laptops, e-readers, and other electronics. In today's age of trying to staying connected, switched-on and in the game with your devices, it makes sense to have a portable mini-charger when traveling. There’s nothing worse then holding the fish of a lifetime and realizing that you have a dead camera battery.