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6 Unique Float Fishing Destinations in Patagonia

May 03, 23

Patagonia, be it Argentina or Chile, is a land of varied landscapes, inviting cultures, and grandiose fly-fishing opportunities. If you’re considering a fly-fishing trip to Patagonia or making a return trip, we are in the business of selling experiences and realize that while something that may work for one angler may not work for another. When it comes to fishing, we understand that not everyone enjoys the same type or style of fishing—some anglers like head-hunting to rising trout while others enjoy casting streamers in hopes of an ambush strike.

We know one size doesn’t fit all so we’ve put together this short guide to Patagonia fly-fishing trips that are perfect for anglers who enjoy and favor fishing from a boat. If you enjoy walk-and-wade fishing, please visit our piece on the Best Wade Fishing Opportunities in Patagonia.

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Chile Float Fishing Destinations

If you’ve never traveled to Chile then you’re missing out. Running the length of South America’s western coast for over 2,880 miles, Chile is a country of beautiful diversity that holds some of the top freshwater fisheries on Earth. For any angler excited about floating and fishing, the country provides a seemingly endless number of possibilities. Here are some of the locations best suited for fly fishing from boats.

Martin Pescador Lodge
Martin Pescador’s incredibly diverse program gives anglers the opportunity to fish twelve world-class rivers, eight lakes, and numerous streams throughout the region for rainbow and brown trout and depending on the time of season occasionally salmon and sea-run brown trout. Martin Pescador’s well-trained and experienced guides utilize a combination of jet boats, lake boats, and rafts to ensure access to even the most remote and untouched waters.

Patagonian BaseCamp Lodge
Situated on the banks of the majestic Rio Palena, the Patagonian BaseCamp Lodge serves as a comfortable, elegant “home away from home” for visiting anglers. The Lodge is centrally located in close proximity to world-class fishing on numerous different waters and a variety of distinctly unique river systems where access to these fisheries is primarily by boat.

River of Dreams Basecamp
After years of dreaming about the mythical Blanco River, Magic Waters Lodge put in the time and hard work needed to explore and gain reasonable access to this amazing and untouched system and created the River of Dreams Basecamp. With exclusive overland access to the valley, Magic Waters guests have over thirty miles of some of the most beautiful, untouched, and wild trout water all to themselves. This is a trip for true adventurous anglers who seek to explore new waters for big browns well off the beaten path. Guides use catarafts powered by motorized jets to provide access up and down the river.

Argentina Float Fishing Destinations

Argentina is home to friendly people, juicy fire-roasted steaks, delicious wines, and some of the best trout waters found on planet earth. Argentine Patagonia is a fly angler’s seventh heaven as it is home to world-class fisheries that are still largely unpressured by modern-day standards. Opportunities for float fishing and casting from a boat are numerous on many Argentine rivers. Here are some of our favorite locations in Argentine Patagonia best suited for fly fishing from boats.

Patagonia River Guides –North
With PRG North, anglers will enjoy great service, new equipment, first-class accommodations and delicious food – all while staying at different estancias, traveling with their guides and fishing different waters every day. Multi-day camping and on-river float trips can also be arranged. PRG North utilizes fiberglass drift boats outfitted with swivel seats, anchor systems and plenty of dry storage in each boat. These drift boats have been designed specifically for fly fishing and are a pleasure to fish from. Four-door trucks, all in excellent condition, are used to transfer anglers to the fishing areas each day.

Chocolate Lab Expeditions
Based out of the San Martin and Junin de los Andes area of northern Patagonia, Chocolate Lab Expeditions offers custom trip itineraries that combine exceptional guiding, Argentine estancia accommodations, quick access to fishing and heartwarming hospitality. The waters around the San Martin area are famous among trout anglers and include legendary rivers like the Traful, Collon Cura, Limay, Filo Hua Hum, Chimehuin and Malleo. Chocolate Lab Expeditions uses top-of-the-line fiberglass drift boats to fish this amazing variety of estancias and over 200 miles of private access waters throughout northern Patagonia.

Carrileufu River Lodge
The Carrileufu River Lodge is located in the heart of the Carrileufu River Valley near the quaint town of Cholila. This operation is perfectly positioned to take advantage of the terrific fishing opportunities of the region. Storied places like Los Alerces National Park and famed rivers such as the Rivadavia, Arrayanes, Carrileufu, and Chubut are all within easy driving distance. Lodge equipment includes rafts with casting frames and high-back seats and drift boats to fish Patagonia’s most famous rivers surrounded by arguably some of Argentina’s most beautiful and diverse landscapes

No matter how you enjoy fly-fishing, Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures has a destination for fly fishing in Patagonia to meet your expectations and preferences. For those anglers that enjoy floating and fishing, Chilean or Argentine Patagonia offers some terrific destinations. Depending on your preferences Yellow Dog is able to cater each trip to your needs.

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