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Nine years ago, Patagonia River Guides (PRG), a long-time lodge and outfitting entity based in Esquel, expanded its operations to include full-service outfitting in the San Martin and Junin de los Andes areas in the northern region of Patagonia. With PRG North, anglers will enjoy great service, new equipment, first-class accommodations, and delicious food – all while staying at different estancias, traveling with their guides, and fishing different waters every day. Guests can choose from estancias and lodges that include Arroyo Verde, Tipiliuke Lodge, Northern Patagonia Lodge, Tres Rios Lodge, Estancia San Huberto, Estancia Huechahue, Estancia Quemquemtreu, Collon Cura Lodge and Estancia Tres Lagos. In addition to area estancias, PRG North also hosts guests in and around the charming town of San Martin de los Andes for those that want to experience a little bit more of the local culture. Multi-day camping and on-river float trips can also be arranged.

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Accommodation Details

Lodging Details
One of the most attractive parts of the San Martin-area experience is the ability to choose from well-known lodges and estancias (large ranches) when creating an overall fishing itinerary. Unlike fishing from the PRG fixed-base and exclusive lodges in the Esquel and Rio Pico Regions, guests that fish with PRG North travel with their guide, stay on different estancias, and fish all different types of private and public waters. Each estancia is completely unique from the next, and staying at least two or three nights at each is recommended. Staying right on the water you are going to fish is certainly a plus. Drives on most estancias to and from the river are as short as ten minutes. For those wanting to experience multiple days of non-stop fishing, PRG North provides a full-service, on-river camping experience.

Estancia Huechahue
The Estancia is set in the middle of a classic Argentine working ranch of approximately 20,000 acres, giving guests a true Argentine experience. The location is also very convenient as it is central allowing easy access to the area’s huge diversity of fishable water.

Estancia Tres Lagos (Three Lakes Lodge)
Private access to the Filo Hua Hum and the area’s surrounding lakes. The estancia itself is a beautiful ranch surrounded by national parklands and breathtaking scenery.

Estancia Tipiliuke
One of the nicest estancias in the area, this operation is very popular for couples and non-anglers as well as focused fishermen.

Estancia Collon Cura
Ted Turner’s estancia offers clients access to four different day floats on the Collon Cura. Good food and accommodations and amazing wildlife, including red stag and Russian boar.

Estancia San Huberto
The Olsen family are the owners and operators of San Huberto, a legendary operation that offers private access to 30 miles of the Malleo River.

Estancia Quemquemtreu
An option that is ideal for non-anglers and non-fishing significant others. Great fishing for the angling-focused as well on the Collon Cura River and Quemquemtreu Creek. One of the region’s finest operations for both food and accommodations.

On-River Camping Trips
PRG North can provide a “deluxe” camping experience with large tents, huge cots, sleeping bags and linens, hot showers, and typical Argentine dishes served on the banks of the river. There are several rivers in the area like the Chimehuin, Alumine, Limay, and Caleufu that are perfectly suited for multi-day camping and fishing packages.

Food and Beverages
Where you will eat will be determined by which estancia you stay in. All of the estancias pride themselves on first-class service, appetizers, main courses, desserts, and an array of fine Argentine wines. The service, hospitality, and food are always impressive and are always 100% included in each PRG North package.

Typical Length of Stay
All packages are completely customized, and trips of any length can be arranged.

Non-Angling Activities and Options
Patagonia has much to offer the non-angler, and there is a great deal more to explore than just the trout streams. Some of the many area activities include flora and fauna tours, horseback riding, hiking, and scenic raft trips. Also, just outside of the town of San Martin de los Andes there is a famous Jack Nicklaus-designed golf course. More relaxing pursuits include wine tasting, birdwatching, local shopping, massage, cultural tours, and photography safaris.

Internet / Communications
Wi-Fi is available free of charge at most estancias and in the hotels in and around San Martin. Please bring your own laptop or PDA to access the internet. Depending on your service plan, some cell phones may also work throughout the area.

Travel Details

How To Get There
Getting to Patagonia is not difficult. Take an easy overnight flight to Buenos Aires’ Ezeiza International Airport (EZE) from one of several major cities in the U.S. and awaken in Argentina. PRG North is based out of San Martin de los Andes, which makes access fairly direct and easy. Guests can either fly directly into San Martin (CPC) or into the larger airport in nearby Bariloche (BRC). You will be met upon arrival at either airport and transferred to where you will be staying to begin your trip.

Arrival and Departure Details / Times
A two-hour flight from Buenos Aires’ Jorge Newbery Airport (AEP) brings you to San Martin de los Andes (CPC), home to the most famous fishing estancias in Patagonia. Your guides will meet you at the airport and transport you to the best waters in the region. Due to the flexibility of the PRG North program, you can arrive and depart on any day of the week. That said, it is important to try and book your flights on the days of the week when the airlines fly in and out of San Martin.

Documents Required
Citizens of the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and other Western European nations do not need a visa for tourist trips of up to ninety days. You will need a valid passport and will have to fill in a landing card on arrival and you will be given a stamp for stays of thirty, sixty or ninety days. Staple your duplicate of the landing card into your passport, next to your entrance stamp, as you’ll need it to leave the country. If you do lose it, it’s rarely a serious problem, but you’ll have to fill in a new form at the border control. On entering the country, you will also be given a customs declaration form. Duty is not charged on used personal effects, books, and other articles for non-commercial purposes, up to the value of $300. Make sure you declare any valuable electronic items such as laptop computers, as customs officers can be suspicious that you may be bringing them into the country to sell.

Travel Arrangements
Yellow Dog provides airline reservations ad ticketing assistance through etcTravel Group, and a full-service airline logistics agent that can help book airline tickets, hotels, rental cars, and more. You can click here to request a quote or contact Yellow Dog for more information at 406-585-8667. etcTravel Group offers dedicated support services for all Yellow Dog clients. Service fees may apply when booking or researching tickets, and etcTravel will discuss this with you before sending quotes. 

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General Information
These custom trips are unique because every fishing day features a different river, spring creek, or lake; even if you decide to fish the same river for a couple of days, we guarantee that you won’t repeat the same stretch or see the same piece of water! PRG North utilizes both private and public waters. Some waters are floated, some are waded, and some offer a combination of the two depending on conditions and angler desires. PRG North operates on the philosophy of fishing the best rivers at the best times with the best guides, a mission statement that is followed closely by program director, Alex Knüll and his team of experienced guides. Through this “nomadic” program, guests can enjoy some of Patagonia’s best waters (many of them featuring private access) and the Argentine lifestyle and culture at its best.

The Traful River (Estancia Arroyo Verde)
Over 10 miles of private access on the world-renowned Traful River, a fairly difficult river, but well worth the effort for the angler pursuing the fish of a lifetime. Narrow and clear, the Traful is big fish water with many browns and rainbows in the 25 to 30-inch class. With such incredible water clarity, the river is most often fished using New Zealand style sight-casting techniques.

The Filo Hua Hum River (Estancia Tres Lagos)
Another 10 miles of private access on the Filo Hua Hum, a small freestone stream that offers excellent opportunities for both beginning and experienced anglers. A short river located between two lakes, the Filo offers very consistent action for rainbows and browns. Experienced anglers can enjoy sight-fishing for trout in the 20 to 27-inch range with mouse patterns and other large dries.

The Chimehuin River (Estancia Tipiluike)
A large freestone river similar in many ways to Montana’s Madison River. It is a perfect fishery for float fishing, sight-fishing, and prospecting with streamers, nymphs, and large attractor dry flies. This river fishes the best from late December into early February and late March into April.

Collon Cura River (Estancia Collon Cura)
Perhaps the most prolific trout fishery in all of Patagonia and a must-fish river for anglers visiting the area. The water is similar in appearance to Wyoming’s Snake River but lined with willows and high sandstone cliffs. The river is fairly large, with a mild gradient and broad gravel riffles that make for easy wading. Collon Cura trout are exceptional fighters, with fish averaging in the 14 to 20-inch range.

Malleo River (Estancia San Huberto)
Located in the northern portion of the San Martin fishing area, the Malleo is a very consistent fishery with solid, hard fighting fish. The river is well known throughout the region for spectacular caddis and mayfly hatches, making this lodge a haven for the dry fly enthusiast.

Boats and Equipment 
PRG North utilizes fiberglass RO Skiffs outfitted with swivel seats, anchor systems and plenty of dry storage in each boat. These drift boats have been designed specifically for fly fishing and are a pleasure to fish from. Four-door Toyota trucks, all in excellent condition, are used to transfer anglers to the fishing areas each day. PRG North also has plenty of back up rods, reels, waders, and boots for loaner or demo use. Use of any of this equipment is included in your package. Flies are also included in your package.

Rates and Terms

Package Rates
Remember that Yellow Dog’s services are completely free! When you book a trip with Yellow Dog, you never pay more than when you book directly with the lodge or outfitter. Rates will vary based upon the type of package, waters fished, time of year, and choice of accommodations. Due to the customized and personalized nature of these packages, Yellow Dog will quote each trip based on length, expectations, and desired itinerary.

Please contact Yellow Dog for rates for 2023 trips.

What’s Included:

  • Ground transportation to and from the San Martin de los Andes Chapelco Airport (CPC)
  • Accommodations and all meals
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Professional guided fishing
  • Fishing license and private water fees
  • Supplemental flies, leaders, and tippet
  • Use of waders, boots, rods, and reels

What’s Not Included: 

  • Airfare to Buenos Aires (EZE)
  • Airfare to either San Martin de los Andes (CPC) or to Bariloche (BRC)
  • Transfers, hotel, and food in Buenos Aires
  • Ground transfers from the Bariloche Airport (if applicable)
  • Laundry services (charged per load)
  • Special liquors and cigars
  • Gratuities for guides and staff
  • Personal shopping

Patagonia River Guides (Trevelin, Rio Pico and San Martin de los Andes, Argentina)
A non-refundable deposit of 50% per person is due at the time of booking for all lodging and fishing packages, and final payment if due 90 days prior to arrival. For cancellations, all deposits and payments are non-refundable. In no event will the lodge or Yellow Dog be responsible for any cancellation of services or operations due to inclement weather, any event of force majeure, airline delays, flight cancellations, or any other reason beyond the control of the lodge. The lodge will not refund payments in the event of poor weather, or if arrival flights are cancelled or airline connections are missed. Additionally, the lodge and Yellow Dog are not responsible for covering costs associated with alternative travel arrangements including flights, hotels, meals or any other expenses incurred. For all of these reasons, and because of the no refund and no credit policy, Yellow Dog strongly recommends that anglers and guests purchase travel insurance and full coverage for your trip. If a cancelled package is resold by either the lodge or by Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures, then a full refund will be issued minus a $100.00 per person fee charged by Yellow Dog. Receipt of deposit and/or final payment is acknowledgment that registrant has read and accepts the deposit, cancellation, refund and responsibility clauses for these packages. Once again, Yellow Dog strongly recommends that anglers and guests purchase travel insurance all Argentina packages.


Payment Terms For All Yellow Dog Trip Bookings
In order to lock in your trip reservation, we ask that you please remit payment at the time of receipt of invoice. For your convenience, Yellow Dog accepts on-line payments via a direct and secure ACH platform – a quick and easy way to complete your trip reservation. Note that all Yellow Dog invoices include a live link that takes you directly to the Yellow Dog ACH platform for fast and easy payment. For open and existing invoices with a remaining balance, payment reminders also include this easy link to the ACH page.

Other customary forms of payment that are accepted are checks or wire transfers. If you would like to pay in a different way or have any questions about alternate payment methods, please contact Yellow Dog at (888) 777-5060 or (406) 585-8667. We are available Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Beginning September 1st, 2020, Yellow Dog will apply a 3% convenience fee for all credit card transactions.

Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures Standard Forms For Payment

  • ACH online payments (for US banking institutions only).
  • Traditional checks (sent via mail)
  • Electronic wire payments (client is responsible for any wiring fees)

*Please contact us if you prefer or require a different payment option. Convenience fees may apply for other payment methods.

**Please be aware that the ACH platform is only available for US financial institutions and bank accounts. International payments can be made via wire or with a credit card.

Yellow Dog Client Reviews

“Exceptional in every way. I have never caught that many fish and that many large fish. I have never learned so much on a fishing trip or experienced so many different styles of fishing. The scenery, lodging, staff, weather, and food were all perfect. I don’t have enough superlatives! Yellow Dog delivered on setting up a dream fishing vacation. And, the local staff and guides executed that plan to perfection. WOW!” – Derek and Hallie K.
“Incredible experience with Yellow Dog and Patagonia River Guides! I would do the trip over again in a instant. Every part of the trip was thoughtfully planned out and executed, with impeccable customer service and genuine hospitality offered from every guide, cook, estancia worker, and owner. We had the best trip. Oh and the fishing was amazing too! Such beautiful, healthy, and nice-sized fish. Our group definitely caught mostly rainbow trout, but a few amazing browns too that are quite memorable. Thank you all for making it possible!” – Caroline H.
“Best overall trip ever! Fishing was a lot of fun. Estancias were outstanding! Great experience!” – Peter B.


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