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Couples Fly Fishing Trips in Patagonia

“How do I combine a fly fishing trip with a vacation that my non-angling significant other can also enjoy?” That is a question that we’re asked all the time here at Yellow Dog, as such we appreciate the challenge that many anglers face when balancing their fishing addictions with the vacation demands and desires of a significant other. If you’re trying to plan a trip where you combine great fishing with a “couples escape,” then the answer is “YES – We CAN make this happen!” We help hundreds of couples craft these types of packages and itineraries each year and feel uniquely qualified to assist you in finding the destination that best suits you and your partner’s vacation needs.


While there are certainly a large number of fishing lodges that cater to the hard-core, no-frills fishing crowd, we are finding more luxury operations and fly fishing resorts that have become very good at accommodating angling couples and non-fishing significant others. Below is a list of our recommended “couples-friendly” fly fishing destinations in Patagonia. These vacation options offer a variety of attractive amenities including beautifully appointed lodge facilities and guest rooms, gourmet food, spa services, and complete line-ups of non-angling activities that, in our opinion, make them great choices for traveling couples.

1. Remota Lodge

This is an amazing and totally unique resort and one that we highly recommend for couples looking to combine untouched regional fishing with a high-end adventurous visit to Southern Chile. For non-anglers Remota offers a full line up of active guided small-group excursions, presentations on Patagonia nature and culture, hot tubs, indoor infinity pool, a full bar area, a gift shop, and plenty of leisure space to talk, read, exercise or just to kick back and relax.

2. Cinco Rios Lodge

Cinco Rios Lodge offers one of the most premier locations for anglers looking for overall diversity in water types and landscapes. With a team of professional guides and staff, guests will be able to experience all the great fishing that Chile has to offer. Explore the nearby city of Coyhaique, with its woolen goods, shopping, and historic places of interest. There is an outdoor craft market in the middle of Coyhaique that’s definitely worth a visit.

3. Martin Pescador Lodge 

With a reputation for guiding anglers to some exceptionally large trout, Martin Pescador utilizes a combination of jet boats, lake boats, and rafts to ensure access to even the most remote and untouched waters. Aside from fishing, Martin Pescador offers activities such as horseback riding, bird watching, raft trips, hiking, and visiting the natural thermal hot springs in the area.

4. Patagonia River Guides- North

Patagonia River Guides is located in San Martin de los Andes. The lodge gained its reputation hosting anglers in Southern Argentina but has recently expanded its operations to include rivers in the north. With PRG anglers will enjoy great service, new equipment, first-class accommodations, and delicious food. When anglers stay with PRG North, the guide and guests have the ability to stay with any of the six different lodges and estancias that PRG works with. If your goal is to see lots of different water, then PRG should be right at the top of your list.

5. Rio Manso Lodge

Experience Argentina trout fishing with some of the finest accommodations in Northern Patagonia. Located only 90 miles from the vibrant city of Bariloche, Rio Manso is conveniently near the airport but feels remote and wild. Aside from the terrific trout fishing, each room in the lodge has fantastic views of Lake Hess and the towering Andes Mountains. Rio Manso is a great option for couples with its proximity to Bariloche, and flexibility when it comes to planning fishing packages.

6. Carrileufu River Lodge

Carrileufu Lodge is found near the quaint little town of Cholila. Staying with Carrileufu Lodge provides anglers with the convenience of terrific nearby fisheries. Storied places like Los Alerces National Park and famed rivers such as the Rivadavia, Arrayanes, Carrileufu, and Chubut are all within easy driving distance. Activities such as horseback riding, boat tours, and hikes in and around Los Alerces National Park provide perfect outings for couples.

7. Patagonia River Guides – South

Patagonia River Guides offer, arguably, the most comprehensive, complete, high-end, and professional fishing operation in all of Patagonia. Combined with PRG’s lodge operation in the Rio Pico region to the South, this dual-location program ensures you will be fishing the very best waters in Patagonia at exactly the right times.

Patagonia has terrific options for couples. With a handful of lodges offering not only great fishing programs but also non-angling activities, couples can choose the lodge and operation which best fits their preferences.

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