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A Typical Summer Day Fly Fishing in Louisiana

There are many reasons why Louisiana is one of our favorite fisheries. Not only is it easy to get to, but the redfishing is second to none. Combine the excellent fishing with great people and good food and you have a recipe for a terrific vacation. Find out what it’s like during a typical day fly fishing Louisiana’s marshes!

6:00 AM: Wake up and walk into the Dogwood galley to find a full breakfast spread

6:45 AM: We see our guide come cruising down the canal to pick us up. We grab our lunches from the galley and hop in his skiff.

6:50 AM: We blast off toward the marsh and our guide starts to tell us about our game plan for the day.

7:20 AM: Our guide slows down and starts to idle toward our first spot of the day. It’s a dead calm morning with glassy water conditions.

7:25 AM: Guide hops onto his poling platform and says, “Take the 10-weight and we’re going to throw this big mullet pattern.”

7:40 AM: “Here comes a big backer. 50 yards down the edge. Do you see her?”

7:43 AM: “Put the fly right in her face. Almost hit her with it.”

7:44 AM: I’m off by a few feet, and the redfish keeps swimming away.

8:15 AM: “Ok here comes another one and this time put it right on her nose.”

8:16 AM: Two false casts and then I land the fly right between her eyes and she inhales instantly!

8:20 AM: 23 pounds! Insane eat!

10:00 AM: “Let’s go look for some jacks.” Running the boat provides some nice relief from the building heat.

10:30 AM: The guide brings the skiff around a point, and we see what looks like whitewater with fish erupting everywhere!

10:40 AM: I land my fly in the middle of the chaos and hook up as soon as the fly hits the water. After a bruising run, the fish comes undone.

11:15 AM: Round two. Stick another one, break his will, and get him in the boat. What a workout! Nothing better than a jack on an 11-weight!

11:45 AM: “Let’s go hit a pond where I know we’ll have some good shots.”

12:15 PM: We get in a pond and within minutes we see broom-like tails sticking up toward the sky.

12:30 PM: Big black drum feed like carp!

1:45 PM: We cast to multiple big drum and land a couple!

1:55 PM: “Alright, these fish have had enough of the heat. Reel ‘em up.” And so have we, so we head back to the lodge.

2:30 PM: Roll back into the marina. Sounds like most boats saw a similar day, but we got lucky with the jacks!

3:30 PM: Clean up and ready to hit the bar.

4:00 PM: Have drinks and talk about the day. What a place!

6:00 PM: Classic Louisiana dinner.

8:00 PM: More drinks and stories about the day, and what might come tomorrow. We didn’t know about Louisiana’s fishing during the summer!


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