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Traveling Safely: 8 Ways to Improve Your Fly Fishing Vacation

Yellow Dog has decades of travel experience.  Every other week someone on the team is either out exploring a new location or checking in on longtime partners.  Yellow Dog wouldn’t be the best in the business if it didn’t know a few things about traveling safely.  Here are a few tips we’ve learned throughout the years:

  1. Check with the State Department: The State Department website updates destinations across the world informing travelers of possible dangers.  These could be terrorist attacks, diseases, or unfriendly cultures (in this case, aimed at Americans).  For an international traveler, this website is invaluable.
  2. Purchase and use TSA approved luggage locks: When traveling with expensive fishing gear be sure your luggage is secure.
  3. Try Not to Stick Out: In some places, this may require females to cover their face such is the case with certain countries in the Middle East.  The less conspicuous you are, the less likely you’re to be a target.  The same goes for valuables.  Try not to display flashy pieces of jewelry or watches as you’ll stick out to possible pickpockets.  Better yet, keep high dollar valuables at home.
  4. Finalize your transportation:  Car crashes are the leading cause of death for U.S. travelers.  Be sure to finalize your ground transportation before landing in a new country or have a plan in place.
  5. Make copies of important documents: Copy your passport and keep it in a safe place while traveling.  Furthermore, copy all credit cards, and bank account numbers to leave with a family member back home.
  6. Steer Clear of Street Foods: In general, try to avoid eating foods from street vendors.  If the seller is reputable, then you’re probably safe.  But for many vendors, that lack the same food standards as back home, you’re gambling with food poisoning.
  7. Enroll in Global Rescue Insurance: The reality of fly fishing the world is that you’re not always near a metropolitan hub or hospital.  Chances are you’ll never need to use it, but in the off chance you’re injured in a remote area, you’ll be glad you have it.
  8. Remember to use common sense at all times: Avoid taking unnecessary risks or making poor decisions.

Call anyone in the Yellow Dog office, and they can share with you countless memories they made fly fishing abroad.

Be safe, and go fly fish the world!


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