General Information
Anglers are transported daily by truck to area rivers and streams (some of them in nearby Argentina) on trips that range from 30 minutes to an hour over mostly dirt roads. Several of the Lodge’s private rivers and streams are fished exclusively by Cinco Rios guides and clients. The Lodge also fishes the area’s best public waters, including the Rio La Paloma, the upper, middle, and lower sections of the Rio Simpson, the Mañihuales and Aysen Rivers, and the lagos and bocas of the Azul, Desierto, Elizalde, Frio, Castor, and Pollux. Some of the excellent small, freestone streams in the area include the Megote, Guillermo, De Leon, and a handful of unnamed streams. Lodge anglers can typically expect to do two jet-boat fishing days on the Paloma and Azul, two raft-float days on the Simpson or Mañihuales, and two wading days on small freestone streams. Each of the Lodge’s Chilean guides has years of experience fishing and exploring these waters.

Boats and Equipment 
Lodge equipment includes jet boats, rubber rafts with high-back seats, drift boats, and 4×4 vehicles with trailers. The Lodge does have rods and reels available for clients to use, as well as a small, well-stocked fly shop. Anglers should bring as much of their own gear and equipment as possible, including waders, boots, rods, and reels.