General Information
The fishing program at Estancia de los Rios focuses on wading and floating the 60 miles of rivers, spring creeks, and numerous lakes spread across the private ranch’s 360,000 acres for wild brown trout.  Because the ranch limits its capacity to 12 anglers per week, fish experience limited pressure and anglers can fish miles of this diverse fishery without seeing a soul. The majority of waters are clear, low-gradient, and gravel-bottomed making for easy and inviting wade fishing opportunities.

Most fish are in the 15 to 20-inch range, with many exceeding 23 inches. Fish size and numbers vary depending on the waters fished with some waters that produce numbers, some that produce size, and some that produce both. Guests fish two anglers per guide and employ a variety of fly fishing techniques depending on water and fishing conditions. While anglers can find success on streamers and nymphs, dry fly fishing is the go-to method throughout the season.

Boats and Equipment
The Estancia de los Rios program uses rafts outfitted with fly fishing frames for float trips and 4×4 trucks, ATVs, and horseback to access wade fisheries. Guests should arrive fully prepared with their own fishing gear including waders and boots, rods and reels, leaders, tippet, and flies. The lodge has a selection of rental rod and reel outfits available as well as a small selection of productive flies for sale.