General Information
If you enjoy long casts using a double haul or Spey fishing big water, there is the Skeena River. If you want to focus on gin-clear small streams, sight casting to spring steelhead, or skating a dry fly across a coastal river pool, then there are numerous smaller waters that are also easily accessed. No matter what you want to focus on, the Lodge can typically provide a different fishing experience every day of the week. Whether rafting a river to fish, utilizing a drift boat, hiking into a small stream, or accessing a river via jet boat or helicopter, Yellow Dog and the Lodge can prepare a trip itinerary that gives you maximum diversity and endless options. With over 54 rivers, lakes, and saltwater estuary destinations, you can easily fish a different river or location every day – even if you were to visit multiple times in one year! Depending on the time of year, you decide the adventure you want based on the species you are targeting. The Lodge has highly qualified fly fishing guides and the most knowledgeable fly fishing service available in the area, with a policy of one guide for two clients and a strong line-up of destinations where you may not see another angler or person all day. 

Boats and Equipment Required
Nicholas Dean uses 12-foot Aire Rafts, 18-foot NRS Rafts, ClackaCraft Drift Boats, 16-foot Custom Jet Sleds with 40HP Yamaha Jet Drives, and 22-foot Woolridge Jet Sled. Nicholas Dean Lodge guides on over 50 rivers in Northern B.C. alone, requiring very diverse means of access and transportation. Some of the bigger rivers are accessed with Jet Boats, whereas the remote coastal rivers require helicopter transportation and at times smaller Aire inflatables. The Lodge is happy to provide all fishing equipment including Spey Rods or single-handed fly rods.