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Mongolia: The Country of Mongolia Has Dropped Covid Restrictions!

March 16, 2022

We know many of you are ready to get back on the water to explore the numerous backcountry rivers for hucho hucho taimen on the fly! With that said, we are pleased to announce today, March 16th, 2022, that the country of Mongolia has dropped many of its Covid travel requirements and restrictions. 

The following now applies to ALL travelers entering Mongolia:

  1. Anglers are required to fill out a short, medical declaration form upon arrival
  2. No PCR or rapid test results are required to enter Mongolia
  3. Mongolia has removed Covid testing upon arrival 
  4. No quarantine or self-isolation is required
  5. There are no additional requirements when traveling within the country and Mongolia’s provinces

Fly fishing for taimen in Mongolia is a very unique experience, unlike any other that we have found throughout the world of fishing destination travel. If you’re interested in future travel dates, please contact us below!


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