General Information
Daily float or wade trips with experienced, professional guides can easily keep experts challenged, while at the same time providing guidance, enthusiasm, and patience to novices and intermediate anglers as well. With their backgrounds in teaching, instruction, and wildlife biology, you’ll enjoy long days fishing for wild trout just as much as you’ll enjoy talking and spending time with your guide on the water each day. And, don’t be surprised to find yourself reluctantly putting your rod down to take in all there is to see on their area rivers: snow-peaked mountains, the ever-changing flow of the river, and the abundant wildlife.

Jack Creek
This tributary runs through the Madison Valley Ranch property and is a great little dry fly stream. Expect a lot of brown trout action.

The “Channels” section of the Madison River
An amazing piece of water that flows behind the Ranch. This area is wade fishing only with limited access and has a variety of water to fish. The “Channels” section is a great dry fly fishery with an abundance of caddis hatches throughout the summer. Guests particularly enjoy fishing this section in the evening, although it can also be a great way to warm up your fly fishing muscles on arrival or departure days.

The Madison Valley Ranch Private Pond
This well-stocked two-acre pond is a great place to practice and hone your casting skills. Loaded with big Kamloops rainbows, you can either fish the pond from the bank or use one of the float tubes provided by the Ranch.

Madison River
Probably the most recognized trout stream in the world, the Madison River offers over 100 miles of fishable water. Legendary for its salmon fly hatch and great hopper fishing during the summer months, this is a great river to experience float and wade combos on the famous “50-Mile Riffle” section. The “Channels” section of the Madison runs right behind the Ranch and is a great stretch to fish. It is a wade-only section with very limited access and many different channels that hold trout. It offers good caddis and hopper action and is ideal for evening fishing after dinner.

Yellowstone River
As the longest undammed trout stream on earth, it provides over 300 miles of fishable trout-bearing water. This river is known for its prolific hatches and excellent cutthroat and rainbow fishing. Great for long floats and wading!

Beaverhead River
Offering Montana’s most consistent fishing for trophy brown trout, this is also the most challenging river in all of Southwest Montana. Because of its smaller size, thick vegetation, and undercut banks, it is not an ideal fishery for beginners. For those willing to put in their time, however, it can well be worth the effort.

Big Hole River
This is the classic western trout stream with lots of gravel bars, drop-offs, and great fish-holding structure. This is an ideal river to wade and one where you end up using the boat more for access than for fishing. Boasting an immense number of trout per mile, the big Hole offers ample opportunity for trophy brown trout as well. 

Boats and Equipment
Float fishing on area rivers is done via McKenzie-style drift boats designed for fly fishing. The Ranch offers a full selection of top-of-the-line rods, reels, waders, and other equipment complimentary to all guests.