General Information
If a fishery could be perfectly designed for the pursuit of the largest peacock bass in the Amazon, it would look like the Rio Marie. This incredible fishery offers over 180 creeks, 60 lakes, and three rivers across an area of more than two million hectares. But make no mistake, while the territory is expansive, Rio Marie is a fishery that is quality over quantity focused. Anglers should expect to put in multiple, long days in search of the reward that makes this area so special. Cichla Temensis, the largest of the peacock bass species, reaches up to 35 pounds in the upper Rio Negro and are in an entirely new league in the world of peacock bass fishing. Yellow Dog can assure you, connecting to one of these incredible, aggressive fish on the fly is well worth the time and effort you will invest.

Boats and Equipment Required
Anglers will fish from comfortable and modern flat skiffs powered with 60 HP Yamaha outboards.