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Yellow Dog is proud to provide our clients with a complete range of travel services offered by our partner travel company, Kanna Travel. Including airline ticketing, travel insurance services and international transfer assistance.

The real advantage of using Kanna Travel’s airline booking services? They know the lodge schedules, in-country transfers and in-depth details necessary to arrange the very best overall itinerary. When you book airfare online through a large-scale ticketing clearing-house or use an agent unfamiliar with the “fishing and transfer logistics” involved in most of our trips, you are potentially setting yourself up for headaches! Avoid these potential pitfalls by working with our in-house agent.

The Kanna Travel team is ready and willing to help you locate and book the best routes and rates for your travels. They offer this service to individuals, families, and groups of all sizes.

Contact Kimberly at Kanna Travel today via Email or at 406-552-4466 and let her combine the very best schedules and prices with her in-depth knowledge and a high level of service.


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