General Information
There is little debate that Southwest Montana fly fishing is the best the country has to offer. With several of the best fly fishing rivers in close proximity, the Sunrise Fly Shop is the perfect location for your next Montana fly fishing vacation. We are fortunate to be located in the middle of 3 of the best fly fishing rivers Montana has to offer. Together, each of these unique rivers can provide everything you seek in a fly fishing vacation. Explore the pristine and dynamic nature of the Big Hole River, experience the abundant insect life of the Beaverhead River, or enjoy the huge fish and low angler pressure of the Jefferson River.

Big Hole
The Big Hole River, located right outside the front door of the Sunrise Fly Shop, is the very definition of a trout stream. Combining unparalleled vistas with more than 2,500 trout per mile and hundreds of imagination-defying hatches, it is no wonder the Big Hole River is nicknamed Montana’s Last Best River. If you dreamed up a perfect trout stream, the Big Hole River is exactly what you would create. The Big Hole River is one of the few remaining undammed trout fisheries that also has a tremendous population of wild fish. Whether you are looking to fish the famed salmon fly hatch, Mother’s Day caddis hatch, tricos, or terrestrials, the Big Hole has everything a fly fisherman could ever want.

The Beaverhead River is a small, intimate river producing some of the most prolific hatches an angler could ever hope to see. With thousands of trout per mile and rarely more than 70 feet from bank to bank, the Beaverhead River is literally stacked with big trout. From blanketing caddis hatches to the blizzard-like PMD hatch to the tantalizing and technical trico spinner fall, the constant water temperature and consistent summer flows make this one of the best fly fishing rivers in Montana. Whether nymphing the Axel Hole or casting PMD patterns to sipping browns in the Slick, this Blue-Ribbon gem should be on every angler’s bucket list.

The Jefferson River originates at the junction of the Big Hole River and Beaverhead River and runs northeasterly 77 miles to Three Forks, where it joins the Madison River and Gallatin rivers to form the Missouri River. The Jefferson River meanders widely through a grassy valley between the Continental Divide on the west, and the Tobacco Root Mountains on the east. This amazing river provides wonderful views and vistas as you hunt for the trout of a lifetime. The Jefferson is known for its trophy-sized trout whose elusive nature makes them even more rewarding when caught.