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Fly Fishing Alaska in September

There’s a good reason why Alaska is on most peoples’ bucket lists: the rainbow trout fishing is some of the best found on earth. On top of that, the breathtaking landscapes offer respite from the hustle and bustle of busy lives.


The months of July and August see the bulk of anglers traveling to Alaska seeking good weather and lots of fish but September, an often overlooked month, offers terrific fishing. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned expert, you’ll enjoy Alaska and its fisheries. Find out why September is one of our favorite times to fly fish Alaska:

1. No Crowds
While Alaska is very much America’s “Last Frontier” it’s rivers and lakes do see a fair amount of angling pressure during the high season months. For those who are looking for that secluded, remote, and wild experience, then September in Alaska should be a consideration. With the change of the seasons, people start focusing on kids going back to school, hunting season, and transitioning back into work once vacation days have been used up. September is oftentimes overlooked by anglers as being too cold or “not the prime season” when in fact, it can boast some of the greatest rainbow trout fishing found anywhere in the world.

2. Big Trout
After 3 full months of eating nothing but high protein, high-fat salmon eggs, smolt, sculpins, rodents, and salmon flesh, the rainbow trout in Alaska can nearly double in size turning them into what many refer to as “footballs.” While the number of fish may drop off during September, quality often takes precedence. Anglers can expect to at least hook rainbows that can be anywhere from 25 – 30 inches in size during their week. September also boasts a great silver salmon fishery where anglers can enjoy aggressive eats on the surface with a polly wog or strip a bright-colored streamer through a slow eddy. For any angler looking to catch that rainbow trout of a lifetime, September in Alaska will certainly give them that chance at a trophy fish.

3. Beautiful Scenery
In addition to an incredible fishery, September displays a beautiful array of fall colors that can only be found in the great North. The tundra begins to turn an assortment of reds, oranges, and purples while the leaves all begin to display their characteristic yellows and oranges. Temperatures may start to cool and frost may cover boats in the morning, but this all set the stage for rutting bull moose, bears getting ready to den for winter, and for the hopeful angler looking to catch their trophy rainbow trout.

Alaska offers great times to fish throughout the entire season, but be sure not to forget about September and late-season availability. The late season will offer fewer people, large trout, and of course all in a beautiful setting!

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