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The Best 7 Snook Flies For Fly Fishing

May 03, 23

From deep in the mangroves to cruising the beaches, snook offers the fly angler fantastic opportunities for sight fishing. The best flies for snook tend to be ones that are lightweight (to make accurate casts into the mangroves) and accurately mimic baitfish or shrimp. The Yellow Dog team loves to target snook when the opportunity arises and we’ve compiled a list of our favorite snook flies.

Having a wide variety of colors, weights, and profiles in your fly box will allow you to match weather and water conditions perfectly. From synthetic baitfish patterns, deep-diving clousers, and, topwater poppers. 

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  1. Seaducer
    A basic pattern that has been around since the ’40s, the Seaducer is a staple in any snook angler’s fly box. Easy to cast, lands soft on the water, and has a slow sink rate make it an ideal candidate for casting tight into the mangroves for laid-up snook.

  2. Bendback
    Another classic, the Bendback is a staple in many snook angler’s fly boxes for good reason. Similar to the Seaducer, the Bendback is a lightweight, easy to cast a fly that laid up snook find hard to resist.

  3. EP Baitfish
    A modern-day classic, the EP Baitfish has revolutionized saltwater baitfish patterns. Easy to cast, durable, and with amazing action, saltwater fish around the world find the EP Baitfish hard to resist. From snook in the mangroves to beach fishing, this is one fly that has to be in your fly box.

  4. Gurgler
    A tried and true topwater fly, the Gurgler is responsible for bringing thousands of snook to hand for the fly angler. Pushing lots of water and creating irresistible action, the Gurlger is the go-to for fly anglers looking to target snook on topwater flies.

  5. EP Mullet
    Mullet are a key baitfish for all inner coastal saltwater fish and snook is no exception. Tied with long flowing EP fibers, these flies shed water quickly which makes them easy to cast accurately and at distance.

  6. Crease Fly
    Making heads turn the last few years in the saltwater world is the crease fly. Rivaling the popularity of the gurgler and dare we say the clouser, the crease fly is a go-to for topwater fly fishing for snook in the mangroves.

  7. Hot Lips
    A favorite fly pattern of many guides in North Florida and in the Everglades. Quite simply, if this is Capt. Steve Huff's favorite fly for snook, then it is ours too! The difference between a regular Gurgler and this pattern by Capt. Huff is that there is a piece of foam that protrudes from the top and bottom of the fly around the eye of the hook.

While snook are overlooked by some on the saltwater flats and mangrove estuaries, a handful of these top snook flies need to find their way into your fly box. Providing the fly angler with amazing sight fishing opportunities, aggressive eats, and fights that rival most saltwater species, we’d call you crazy if you don’t give these fish a chance on your next saltwater fishing adventure.

Interested in targeting snook on the fly? Yellow Dog works with great snook destinations across the Caribbean.

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