General Information
At Agua Boa Lodge, clients fish two-to-a-boat with one guide. The guides at Agua Boa Lodge have been trained extensively and have many years of experience guiding fly anglers for peacock bass. While they are not bilingual, they are usually somewhat conversant in “fishing English” and can understand your needs and communicate fishing instructions. Most clients are happy to be on the water by 8:00 AM each day and off by 6:00 PM, with all clients guaranteed a 10-hour fishing day.

The rivers and tributaries around Agua Boa Lodge are rich and diverse. Possible targets include all three species of peacock bass: the butterfly (up to 10 pounds), the spotted (up to 20 pounds), and the temensis (up to 24 pounds, although it is almost certain that a world-record fish is present in the system. The current record stands at 27 pounds.). Peacock bass is perhaps one of the toughest gamefish around. Their topwater strike is often so ferocious that the entire fish will fly several feet out of the water with the fly. Once hooked, peacocks exhibit a savvy toughness unknown to trout and largemouth fishermen. A large peacock is unstoppable on its first few runs. Anglers can only hope that the fish stays well away from any type of structure. Most fish go aerial in a tarpon-like display, gills rattling as they fly end over end, only to submerge and run again. They are not a fish for the weak of heart. Everyone who fishes Agua Boa will return with stories of stripped reels, destroyed tackle, and memories of giant bass that simply could not be stopped.

Boats and Equipment
The fishing boats at Agua Boa are 20-foot aluminum skiffs outfitted with poling platforms and four-stroke engines. They accommodate either one or two people fishing at a time. Anglers are encouraged to bring their own rods and reels. The Lodge does have a small, well-stocked fly shop where guests can purchase flies, terminal tackle, accessories, and gifts.