General Information
Kendjam is one of the most off-the-grid locations that Yellow Dog books anywhere in the world.  The lodge is located 550 miles southeast of Manaus, Brazil along the Iriri River within the Kayapo Tribe’s Territory. To get there, guests take a 3.5-hour charter flight from Manaus, Brazil to the Kenjam Indian Community, followed by a 3.5-hour boat ride upstream on the Iriri River to the lodge.  

The Iriri River is clear and hosts ten different species of fish to target with a fly rod. The natural environment is completely intact, hosting an impressive amount of wildlife and birds. The Kayapo Tribe are true stewards of the land and have protected their natural resources from mining, logging, and development which is the leading factor of why the fish and wildlife are so abundant. 

This fishery offers a combination of both wade fishing and boat fishing on various beats of the Iriri River. The Iriri River is a clear, freestone river with lots of diverse features from rapids, riffles, lakes, shallow flats, and tail-outs. Anglers will fish a different section of the river each day with different guides throughout the week. Each pair of anglers will be accompanied by an English-speaking fishing guide, plus a native guide from the Kayapo Tribe. The guides at Kendjam are extremely knowledgeable about the environment and know the techniques and flies used to target each species, including peacock bass, payara, wolfish, pacu, bicuda, and matrincha.  

This is one of the few clear water jungle fisheries in existence! The Iriri River is formed by a granite basin and very stable vegetated banks. Even with rainfall, the river remains clear and wading is relatively easy on the granite river bottom. Fishing styles and techniques include fishing topwater patterns for peacocks, sight fishing for matrincha and pacu with dry flies, and stripping baitfish patterns for bicuda, payara, and wolfish. The fishery resembles a mountain trout river, offering dry fly and streamer fishing for exotic jungle species. 

Boats and Equipment Required
The fishing boats at Kendjam are 20-foot aluminum skiffs outfitted with four-stroke engines. The boats accommodate two anglers fishing at the same time with one angler on the bow deck and the other fishing from the rear of the boat. Anglers are encouraged to bring their own rods and reels in weights 6, 7, and 8, but the lodge does have rods and reels to loan if needed, as well as flies and fly lines for sale.