Lodging Details
Midnight Sun operates out of a ballistic Patriot Catamaran liveaboard mothership. This vessel allows anglers to move throughout the expansive fishery each day, covering more water over the course of the week than ever before. The Patriot has been outfitted with three staterooms, a shared bathroom and separate shower, and all comfortable amenities for up to four guests per week. Each room is set up with two twin beds, a reading lamp for each bed, and storage for clothing and personal items. The lounge and dining area provide ample room to stretch out, relax and exchange the day’s fish stories. The lounge area is equipped with a stereo, TV, and a large table that doubles as the indoor dining table as well as a late-night fly tying area. The bow deck is set up for those wanting to enjoy a bug-free, quiet drink and watch Alaska’s midnight sun skirt the horizon.

Food and Beverages
Meals aboard Midnight Sun are substantial, which is why the staff likes to refer to the menu as ”Viking food!” You can expect steaks, pork chops, pastas, salads and sides, and great desserts. Lunches are enjoyed on the boat each day and the crew will pack all of the drinks, sandwiches, snacks, and chips that you want. All sodas, beer, and wine are included in the package.

Typical Length of Stay
The standard package at Midnight Sun is seven (7) nights / six (6) fishing days, running from Saturday to Saturday. Guests will need to stay overnight in Anchorage on Friday night and fly to Holy Cross, Alaska via charter on Saturday morning to begin the trip. Departures will be the following Saturday morning, allowing guests to depart Anchorage in the late evening or overnight one final evening before flying out the following morning.

Non-Angling Activities and Options
Midnight Sun is primarily a fishing-focused destination, so non-angling activities are very limited. Wildlife watching is a nice complement to the fishing, but this is not a trip for people who do not plan on fishing.

Internet / Communications
Internet access is not available during your stay and cell phones will not work during your visit.